What are VoloBlades?

VoloBlades are technique-enhancing paddles, the first of their kind. We came up with this design as a way to encourage swimmers to use their core and large muscle groups to generate more power, while taking pressure off the shoulder.

As an example, when we pull ourselves out of the pool, both hands are well planted on deck. We pull with our lats and triceps. Try this with just your fingertips. You’ll find that it’s much harder. The shoulders are now doing most of the work, leading to greater risk of injury. Swimming is the same. If we pull with our fingertips we engage the shoulders. If we pull with our palm we’ll use our lats and triceps, generating easy power. VoloBlades are our solution to developing the feel and the power of the pull.

During the catch phase, VoloBlades encourage a high elbow catch, allowing for better anchor and leverage, creating a more powerful stroke. This is essential to free, fly and breaststroke. For backstroke, VoloBlades help with the initial entry and catch through the power phase, promoting excellent setup to the recovery.

What size VoloBlades should I use?

VoloBlades 30 were designed for smaller hands as well as for breaststroke and for sprints.

VoloBlades 45 are great for drills and working on basic technique. They can be used for the entire workout, helping swimmers fine tune their feel for the water, promoting a more efficient stroke.

VoloBlades 60 are larger and great for power sets. They provide more resistance during the pull phase, developing power and strength.

Where can I find more information about VoloBlades?

You can find more information about VoloBlades on our blog.

Where can I buy VoloBlades?

You can buy VoloBlades from our online store or you can purchase them below.

EU customers should buy them from our EU online store for cheaper shipping and faster delivery.

Made in USA