AquaVolo Band

What is AquaVolo Band?

AquaVolo Band is a resistance training tool. It is used to develop an efficient flutter kick and raw power. Though DragSox and AquaVolo Band are both designed for power training, they work and strengthen the legs in different ways. While DragSox are designed for kicking, technique and drills, AquaVolo Band is meant strictly for building strength and power in a short compact kick by engaging the core, hips and upper leg muscles. It also encourages a much faster kick tempo.

How do I train with AquaVolo Band?

Basic Balance Drills with AquaVolo Band: Used around the upper body, binding arms at the waist, it isolates arms and encourages swimmers to use hips and core for balance and rotation rather than compensating with arms.
AquaVolo Band can also be used around the knees to help teach proper breaststroke kick.

Where can I buy AquaVolo Band?

You can buy AquaVolo Band from our online store.