What is AquaVolo CoreLink?

AquaVolo CoreLink was designed to help swimmers use their core to coordinate the upper and lower body and attain a more horizontal body position in the water. It is a buoyant device that the swimmer places between their legs. CoreLink forces the swimmer to squeeze their thigh muscles during the swim thereby engaging the core and developing awareness of the muscles responsible for attaining a horizontal body position. Because the core is engaged, the kinetic chain stays intact, effectively connecting the upper and lower body. Similar to other AquaVolo products, when you stop using CoreLink, the awareness of the core remains.

What problem does CoreLink solve?

CoreLink helps swimmers use their core to connect the upper and lower body. You often see the absence of this connection in poor body alignment or in a swimmers whose level of exertion does not match the speed they attain.

When can I use Corelink?

AquaVolo CoreLink was designed for pulling and for various drill sets. As with our other products, coaches and swimmers will discover other creative ways to use it.

What size of CoreLink should I use?

CoreLink comes in 2 sizes: 30 and 45. The size determines the strength required to squeeze the CoreLink during the swim. CoreLink 30 is slightly easier to squeeze and is recommended for younger swimmers. Stronger swimmers can use either size.

Where can I buy CoreLink?

You can buy CoreLink from our online store.

Made in USA
Patent pending