What is TKick?

TKick is a device you attach to the lane line to mark how far a swimmer should kick under water off the wall. You attach it to the lane line when you need it, moving it closer or farther from the wall as your swimmer's goals evolve. It's a physical target for the swimmer. It's not an arbitrary reference to 10-15 meters or a number of seconds. Instead, the TKick marks a physical space, a goal for the swimmer to achieve.

Why TKick?

Swimming on the surface of the water generates more drag than swimming underwater. (In other words, it's more efficient to swim underwater.) Most coaches agree that spending time and effort to improve the underwater kick can be very effective in increasing overall speed. TKick is a powerful tool for this. With a physical marker, you can't misjudge where your goal is, neither can your coach, or your teammates. It's a visible sign to everyone of how far a swimmer needs to kick underwater. In addition— and perhaps most important—it's fun.

Can I make it myself?

Yes, you can. TKick is a simple do-it-yourself design that we heard about from other coaches. We did not design it or develop it, but we are bringing it to market in two ways: (1) you can view the DIY instructions and make it at home; or (2) you can buy our version. The two designs are identical. In the latter, we just followed the DIY instructions and did the work for you. If you have any questions, please email us at [email protected]

Made in USA