Zahava Shapiro, Owner/Head Trainer

A great deal of our clients have sensory issues as well as low muscle tone. These are not children that would ever dream of being on a swim team, Rather, the goal in them coming to swimming lessons is to help them learn to focus in their everyday life and provide for them relief in different areas where they may struggle. We have students with CP, spina bifida, non-verbal autism, ADHD, and more. The feedback I got from my instructors after using your products was nothing short of fabulous. Miryam said "They are so easy to use, easy to put on, easy to take off, and they STAY on so well!. And it really gives the kids an awareness of where their body is in space." They are made so well, the design is simultaneously simple and ingenious. As opposed to the water weights that strap on to the kids' arms and legs and have to be replaced every few months, the AquaVolo products are made to last forever. My other instructor Sara said "I used these for a few kids who need hard work. They are coming to get their weight under control and get more movement. The Mitts are great for making exercises in the water more difficult." Thank you so much! I will definitely be recommending your products.


Dave Salo, Head Coach
Los Angeles, CA

Ian Hulme, Performance Coach
Loughborough , UK

What a fantastic and innovative product the DragSox are. We have been using them since the start of the season and it has brought a new dimension to our training especially during power workouts. We have seen a huge improvement in kick speed and power generated and our swimmers talk of an 'overspeed' sensation when the DragSox are removed. Fantastic customer service from AquaVolo and I would highly recommend this product. In the journey towards Olympic Trials we are looking forward to seeing how our swimmers perform after a season of using the DragSox.

Ed Denny, Head Coach
California, PA

I just wanted to share a BIG thank you and a HUGE endorsement of the DragSox. Our team has swum so fast this past weekend and the only thing we have done differently this season is use DragSox.

Matt Brauer, Head Coach
Oro Valley, AZ

Possibly the best "drag product" I have used as a coach. The ability to add and remove drag in literally seconds is awesome. The increased leg strength gains over just a few weeks are noticeable.

Tom Johnson, Head Coach
Laramie, WY

All I can say is WOW. We have been using the DragSox almost daily. The changes in their kick is significant and remarkable to watch. They all remarked how they felt the kick significantly more in their hamstrings and glutes.

Tony Gray, Head Coach
Danville, IN

DragSox have taken on an iconic status with my high school and USA club teams. DragSox are a tool that helps us apply the correct physical stressors for kick loading, and in turn provides magnified speed and sensation when removed.

Josh Fulton, Head Coach
Virginia Beach, VA

DragSox has been a huge tool in the development of our athletes this year, I am constantly with coaches who use DragSox and have experienced great results.

Chris Plumb, Head Coach
Carmel, IN

The Carmel Swim Club is enjoying the benefits of DragSox. DragSox add appropriate resistance for the legs, are simple to put on and take off, are easy to store, and have been a terrific tool for the Carmel Swim Club to use.

Maurice Keating, Head Coach
Pittsford, NY

We have used the DragSox for two months now and I can honestly say they have helped us immensely. I have used them on my senior national qualifier every day and she has gone a lifetime best in two months!

Adam Cremieux, Head Coach
Westmont, IL

We got a chance to try out the VoloBlades and ZB weights last night and I have to say they are by far the best paddles on the market. You are exactly right about the paddles taking pressure off the shoulder. On your website you talked about how when you push down with the fingers you engage the shoulder and when you push down with your palms you engage the triceps and Lats and your paddles are the first ones that allow a swimmer to press down with the palms and not the fingers. In the past I have never allowed my swimmers to use paddles unless they where doing drill sets or easy swimming because they always place too much pressure on the shoulder. I taped our swimmers underwater using the VoloBlades and you can see their triceps engage, then the lats, and then down to the core as they swam easy across the pool. Also we love the ZB weights, it's amazing how you found a way to only add weight above the water. We will be buying more soon.

In regards to the DragSox, we've tried everything we could think of to increase our power of our kick from, fins, zoomer, power towers, parachutes and med balls and nothing matches the DragSox. Everything we've tried always had a set back from loss of technique or wasn't efficient enough for a large group.

Jimmy Parmenter
Plantation, FL

I love using all different types of equipment in my practices. DragSox are now my favorite piece of equipment to use for the team. The first week we used DragSox the group could barely kick a 25 in a minute. We are now doing 25’s on a minute interval. I have seen a great improvement in my team’s kicking in a very short time.

Michelle, Swimmer
Clarksville, MD

I am quite impressed with the VoloBlades. I find that I have to stretch more at hand entry and use the early vertical forearm pull or they wobble, which gives me instant feedback when I am not performing my technique correctly. These are the only paddles I have seen on the market that truly teach you to pull with the palm of your hands, engaging those lats and triceps, rather than your fingers. Thank you for thinking outside the box to design a unique, useful product that helps swimmers to train correctly.

Kenneth O'Reilly, Head Coach
Haskell, NJ

We love the DragSox not only as resistance training for kicking, pulling and swimming but also as a teaching aid for raising awareness in the water.

Sergei, Swimmer
Los Angeles CA

Just got out of the pool. I am blown away by effectiveness of DragSox! What a great tool! Even after one session I feel the difference. I did about 500 yards just using a tube (AquaVolo Band) for legs. That was unusual ). Then I added sox and did some kicking alternating with full stroke. Then, the true fun part came when I took off tube and sox and some 50s. I felt like I was turbocharged and gliding-surfing through the surface!!! I am just amazed what a difference it makes it terms of getting this elusive feel of water. Thank you so much! I feel like I learned some big secret.

John Widmer, Head Coach
Kirrawee, New South Wales, Australia

Joshua Lercel, Assistant Coach
Indianapolis, IN

Craig Waverunners

Lindsey Ehret, Coach
Craig, AK

Tony Baits, Head Coach
Palo Alto, CA

Julia Herman, Aquatics Director
Cary, NC

Ian Goss, Head Coach
Woodstock, GA

Mei Han, Head Coach

Randy Oberembt, Head Coach
Winnetka, IL

Justin Jennings, Head Coach
Cedar Rapids, IA

Alexander Salte Hagenes, Head Coach
Storgata, Norway

Bryan Wamsley, Head Coach
Shaker Heights, OH

Cyndi Gallagher, Head Coach
Los Angeles, CA

Nayumi Furukawa, Head Coach
Mansfield, OH